Alice and Bob’s OPENQKD Christmas cookies

It’s December, snow is falling outside and Alice and Bob can’t wait for Christmas to come. To shorten the waiting time Alice sends Bob a great big box of Christmas cookies. But these cookies are more than just sugary treats they have a special ability. Alice has an identical box of cookies at home and will eat her cookies at the same time as Bob eats his cookies. The cookies are rectangular in shape and share a special connection: half of the cookies taste sweet and half taste tart. If both Alice and Bob start eating their cookie from the short side, they either both taste sweet or both taste tart. The same applies if they start eating from the long side. But, if they start eating from different sides their opinions are uncorrelated. And of course, Bob always notices it if Eve intercepted the box of cookies and takes a bite 😉

What’s on the shopping list for OPENQKD cookies?

300g    flour
100g    sugar
200g    butter
grated peel of 1 lemon
1 pinch cinnamon
1 pinch entanglement

Mix all ingredients and knead until you have homogeneous mixed-state density dough.
Wrap in cling or aluminum foil and cryo-cool for 2h at 5 Celsius.
Roll out dough to 4mm and cut into rectangles.
Bake for 10-15 min at 180°C.

While baking, make the following Sugar Icing. For this, mix together:
200g    powdered sugar
5 Tbsp lemon juice

After cookies cool off, cover them with Sugar Icing.
Once the icing is dry add edible OPENQKD text, logo, or other decorations as you please.  We would love if you could post your results to the OPENQKD Twitter feed!

Happy Advent Season from TUDelft and Our Partners!