Quantum-safe security as a gift!

Maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data without impacting network performance is a pre-requisite for today’s information technology systems. However, optical fibre links and other data transport infrastructures constitute a potentially dangerous vulnerability in the IT infrastructure of an organisation. Mission critical data must be protected through encryption when travelling outside the secure perimeter of the company.

Simultaneously, in the next decade or so, the massive processing power of quantum computers will render much of the current encryption unsafe – and specifically the public key cryptography used for key exchange. The threat today is that hackers, ranging from powerful states to criminals, can already download data in transit, and then decrypt it offline – either by brute force attacks today, or by using known algorithms on a quantum computer tomorrow.

QKD – Also known as quantum cryptography – is the only known cryptographic technique, which can ensure quantum-safe security today. With QKD, encrypted messages will remain confidential against the power of a quantum computer.

In order to ensure continued confidentiality, governments or enterprises need to deploy such quantum-safe solutions already today.

ID Quantique’s Cerberis3 is the latest generation of QKD systems, based on 16 years of experience in the development and commercialisation of quantum-based products. It will be deployed throughout more than 8 countries as part of the OPENQKD project.

QKD is spreading out. Looking forward to meeting you!

ID Quantique wishes a secured Christmas to everyone!