Encounters of third kind between Internet and Quantum cryptography

How to keep our Internet infrastructure affordable with the quantum computers arrival?

In the last century, two sciences were born without evident common thread: the quantum physics is the oldest and the network computing is the most popular. Today they are pooled together to prevent our networks to be eavesdropped by future quantum computers. Internet security is evidence since the beginning and many solutions are today the result of a long chase between hackers and providers but the quantum cryptography threatens the legacy infrastructures. Indeed, the most popular encryption technology is the Virtual Private Network using well-known protocols like HTTPS or IPsec and these protocols are based on mathematical functions to share encryption keys.

Few users are aware of the sensitive technologies used to share necessary secrets between peers of a secured link. However, we are all concerned with these mathematical functions which are in danger. One day the internet key exchanges for all VPN will be broken by a quantum computer. Thales is for a long time on the edge of encryption technologies and is involved in OPENQKD project to push forward IPsec and all VPN protocols with the Quantum Key distribution in order keep internet working securely.

All our internet infrastructures shall face to quantum supremacy without being overwhelmed with countless heavy costs and that is why our consortium gathers all skills around quantum network to serve public and business internet security.