5G networks are at the end of the corner. Self-driven cars are not much further. We don’t want someone cracking our car, right?

100% sure encryption between self-driven cars and edge data centers is not an option, it’s a must. Fortunately we have uncrackable quantum keys to reach the goal.

Reading while driving to work? A dream? Not, a near reality. Everybody has heard that there are several tests around the world to have ready self-driven vehicles. This is not a miracle, it’s a lot of research behind this achievement. This is something that will change our lives, but it won’t be possible without the development of low latency 5G mobile networks. To have latencies around 3 milliseconds, 100% radio coverage is necessary and also the location of smaller datacenters at the edge of radio access networks.

OK, we have already all technical issues fixed. Really? What happens if someone is able to intercept communication between all the sensors in our car and the decision making applications in the edge datacenter which decide when to step on the brake or turn the steering wheel? We can only hope that the guy intercepting communications is a good friend of us. Well, not really. There’s another option: we can rely on quantum physics to generate encryption keys which no one can ever crack. We could say that QUANTUM PHYSICS MAKES OUR WORLD SAFER AND MORE COMFORTABLE.