How to digitally save your secret family recipes quantum safe

In the age of modern communication every user is affected by the imminent end of today’s global encryption by the use of quantum computers, regardless of whether they are private individuals or entrepreneurs. This global threat will either be ignored or resigned by the vast majority of people – for every other person or company that does not want to accept that their data will become the public domain of other actors, it is fragmentiX’ declared goal to provide a chance to defend themselves in the digital world.

Together with the AITs cryptographers, Werner Strasser revolutionized IT security by creating an easy-to-use product for companies and authorities with the utilization of an approach, which has been known in theory for more than 40 years.

In contrast to asymmetric encryption, fragmentiX brings real information theoretic security to the user by dividing files into 3 to 26 fragments, which are stored on separate local or public S3-compatible storages. Each of the fragments does not contain any usable data. The decision on how many fragments are required for the recovery is left to the fragmentiX user.

At the moment the fragmentiX Storage Solutions GmbH offers several options of secure storage solutions called ‘Generation 1 Products’ – further projects are already only waiting to make the digital world a more secure one.

fragmentiX protects your recipes against abuse, espionage, theft and data loss, even in the emerging age of quantum computers.