The economic, political and social well-being of European citizens relies on secure ICT. Algorithmic methods are facing a threat by the constant progress in computing hardware and software, among which quantum computing must now be taken into account. Alternatives to currently-used public key encryption, in particular new quantum technologies like quantum key distribution - QKD, where security is built within the physical layer, are now needed more than ever. Our vision is that classical and quantum communications will jointly ensure the ICT needs of European governments, service industries (e.g. health, finance), businesses and citizens. A key asset to bridge the gap between QKD technology providers and end-users is the establishment and operation of an QKD evaluation facility that serves, and helps developing, the quantum communication ecosystem. Our mission is the

• Establishment of QKD-based secure communication,
• Access to robust and reliable crypto technology, as an instrument for securing traditional industries and vertical application sectors,
• Preparation of the future pan-European QKD infrastructure

OPENQKD will raise awareness of the maturity of QKD and its seamless integration into existing security solutions and networks for a wide range of use-cases. It will work with end-users to test and validate end-to-end security based on QKD for various businesses and industry sectors, and will advance QKD systems and secure communication solutions. It will provide several open test facilities to encourage the development of new, QKD-based applications by a wide user community.

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Who are we?
OPENQKD brings together an European consortium with 38 partners from industry and academia.

Dr. Hannes Hübel
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
alice(at) or bob(at)
+43 50550 4453