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Presentation GÉANT Infoshare: Quantum Key Distribution – Practical Implementations, Challenges, R&E Use Cases and Standardisation outlook Andreas Poppe (AIT), Pejman Panahi (IDQ),  Mirko Pittaluga, Robert Woodward (TOSHIBA) 17 March 2021


Presentation GÉANT Infoshare: Quantum Technologies – Principles, Challenges and Applications Eleni Diamanti (CNRS)

20 January 2021


Journal Quantum Key Distribution: A Networking Perspective Miralem MEHIC (UNSA, VSB), Marcin Niemec (AGH), Stefan Rass (AAU), Jiajun Ma (QCTEK), Momtchil Peev (HUW), Alejandro Aguado (UPM), Vicente Martin (UPM), Stefan Schauer (AIT), Andreas Poppe (AIT), Christoph Pacher (AIT), Miroslav Voznak (VSB)

28 September 2020

3 Chapter in Book Error Reconciliation in Quantum Key Distribution Protocols Miralem Mehic (UNSA, VSB), Marcin Niemec (AGH), Harun Siljak (TCD), Miroslav Voznak (VSB)

12 May 2020


Journal Quantum cryptography networks in support of path verification in service function chains A.Aguado(UPM), D.R. Lopez (TID),A.Pastor(TID),V.Lopez(TID),J.P.Brito(UPM), M.Peev(Huawei), A.Poppe(AIT), V.Martin(UPM)

1 April 2020

1 Journal A Novel Approach to Quality-of-Service Provisioning in Trusted Relay Quantum Key Distribution Networks Miralem Mehic (UNSA, VSB), Peppio Fazio (VSB), Stefan Rass (AAU), Oliver Maurhart (AIT), Momtchi Peev (HUW), Andreas Poppe (AIT), Jan Rozhon (VSB), Miroslav Voznak (VSB)

February 2020