• Innovation driver for future European cryptographic solutions
  • Evaluation of QKD in many industry sectors
  • Demonstrate vertical supply chain from QKD (physical layer) to end-user (application layer)
  • Many test sites across Europe to maximise impact
  • Open software standards and open access
  • ensuring interoperability in the QKD eco-system
  • Vertical APIs to link QKD to network encryption and application layer
  •  Horizontal key management layer to link QKD from different suppliers in the same node
  • Demonstration of more than 30 use-cases for QKD featuring:
    • realistic operating environments
    • end-user applications and support

  • Secure and digital societies
    • Inter/Intra datacenter comm., e-Government, High-Performance computing, financial services, authentication and space applications, integration with post-quantum cryptography
  • Healthcare
    • Secure cloud storage services and securing patient data in transit
  • Attract external users (academic, SMEs, industry, public sector) to the testbed to experience QKD at first hand
  • Open access policy to develop, test and evaluate new ideas, devices and applications beyond the project plan (e.g. QT Flagship outcomes)
  • Incentives to participate in form of mini-projects; 1M€ reserved for subcontracting of future partners

  • Follow and shape international progress of QKD standardisation
  • Develop standards for coexistence and interoperability of QKD links and within ETSI
  • Develop a Common Criteria framework for certification of QKD
  • 4 large testbed sites and 12 demonstrator sites in 12 European countries
  • Long distance cross-border links
  • Testbed for free space QKD
  • Test GEANT fiber infrastructure for a future large scale quantum communication network
  • Study of satellite QKD and development of interfaces to terrestrial QKD networks

  • Industry standard QKD devices (high maturity); 23 devices operational in OPENQKD
  • Next generation QKD systems based on new protocols and novel implementations:
    • Long distance QKD
    • MDI QKD
    • Twin Field QKD
    • Low cost CV-QKD
    • Hand-held QKD
    • Access QKD
  • Adaptation of network encryption devices for QKD operation; 30 encryptors in OPENQKD
  • End-user workshops to raise awareness of security industry
  • Staff training to foster know-how on QKD deployment and operation at test sites


Together with European industry, expanding and strengthening the whole supply chain, OpenQKD stimulates European companies to the forefront of Quantum Technology. The consortium not only supports the large QKD suppliers but also provides an opportunity for partners to showcase their technology in field trials to reinforce commercialization.

In addition to the creation of novel quantum-enhanced products we provide capacity-building measures with staff training to foster know-how on QKD deployment and operation. OpenQKD will support the career development of junior staff members from project-associated industrial partners that contribute as stakeholders in different use-cases.

OpenQKD will organize end-user workshops, open to external stakeholders. We aim to raise the awareness on the need and benefits of QKD-enabled security. Personal training activities will be complemented by practical experience from the evaluation of use-cases.


OpenQKD will define novel approaches for usage of multipath communication in QKD networks to increase QKD network utilization and to improve quality of service, as well as to increase the level of secrecy in key material establishment processes. Considering the current low service quality, novel multipath routing solutions for quantum networks have the potential to make a significant impact for the penetration of quantum-safe solutions.

As an example for innovative applications, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET) enable communication on a hop-by-hop basis. Mobile nodes are powered by batteries, placing special attention on energy-aware solutions. The nodes connect themselves in a decentralized, self-organizing manner with no authority in charge of managing and controlling the network.

General Public

To realize our digital society and to safeguard trust, comfort and privacy, QKD will constitute a key tool for delivering the necessary security in data services and network infrastructures.

Additionally, the new technology that OpenQKD strives to bring to life will require a trove of new qualifications that really do not exist at present. This means a variety of new high-tech, knowledge-based job opportunities. The QKD technology involves active participation of various stakeholders along the value chain and will result in a reasonable high tech, knowledge-based footprint on the labor market.