Open Calls

Goals of the Open Calls

The main objective of OpenQKD is to operate use-cases to demonstrate existing quantum communication technologies in testbeds with high user demand. Thereby one of the important goals is the increase of the technical readiness levels (TRL) to shift components, devices and systems out of development labs and to establish a Quantum Technology ecosystem.

These calls shall include additional participants that will bring hardware, software, ideas and concepts into the project to form use-cases. The suggestions for such use-cases are independent of each other and may be based on the existing testbed infrastructure. Alternatively, projects could also suggest networks and structures in new testbeds with the possibility to be realized with the resources from OpenQKD. Moreover, participants may propose methods for the development and benchmarking of security solutions using QKD as one of their building blocks.

Call information

Two calls within OpenQKD
We offered two opportunities to receive funding for new participants proposing new use-cases in OpenQKD. The registration for the first round of open calls ended on July 3rd 2020 and the proposed use cases are now rolled out. Currently we are processing the submissions of the second and last call whose registration phase ended on June 10th 2021.

The use cases accepted under the 1st Open Call can be viewed here.

Two-stage call procedure

In order to limit the time spent on the proposals of potential applicants we set a two-stage procedure. Only applicants that are evaluated favorably after a first short proposal will be asked to submit a longer proposal. The proposals will be evaluated according to innovation and implementation criteria.

Quantum Industry Board

Want to more know about the OPENQKD project and receive up-to-date status reports and news from the test sites, uses cases and technology? Want to meet like-minded businesses and industry at selected OPENQKD fairs?
Then join our Quantum Industry Board (QIB)!

Goals of the QIB

The QIB is a forum for information transfer and discussions of industry relevant aspects of QKD (networks, use-cases and technology). It is part of the OPENQKD project, to increase visibility for QKD and its use-cases. We want to attract companies, research organisations, stakeholders, and other organisations interested in QKD and Quantum Technologies. The QIB will provide an industry driven platform for discussing future developments and roll-outs of QKD technology based on the results and outcomes achieved in OPENQKD.

What will you get

OpenQKD will organize meetings and workshops where OPENQKD partners will present information of the project including operational aspects of selected QKD-testbeds and results from different use-cases.