OpenQKD will act as a facilitator and multiplicator for quantum-based cryptography solutions. The cooperation of European academia, industry and startups on the deployment of open testbed sites across Europe, accessible for external stakeholders to perform field trials, will significantly increase the awareness and facilitate the involvement with QKD.


High performance computing (Use-Case 01)
Quantum security for token custody (Use-Case 03)
Research and education networks (Use-Case 04)
High-performance computing (Use-Case 06)
Time signal reference distribution (Use-Case 11)
Network security and attestation (Use-Case 15)
Academic network backbone (Use-Case 19)
Self-healed network management (Use-Case 26)
Longspan quantum links (Use-Case 31)
Secured video transmission (Use-Case 32)


Banking (Use-Case 09)
Cloud datacenters (Use-Case 12)
Encryption for longterm storage (Use-Case 13)
Critical infrastructure protection (Use-Case 16)
QKD as a cloud service (Use-Case 17)
Authentication for quantum internet (Use-Case 22)
Globally securing space and ground infrastructure (Use-Case 23)
Interfacing satellite and terrestrial QKD (Use-Case 24)
Quantum cryptography for B2B and 5G networks (Use-Case 25)
Distributed cloud storage secured by ITS QKD (Use-Case 29)


Smart Grid (Use-Case 02)
Data encryption between governmental agencies (Use-Case 05)
Healthcare (Use-Case 07)
e-Government (Use-Case 08)
Police (Use-Case 10)
Secure backbone replication (Use-Case 14)
Security in e-health services (Use-Case 18)
Inter-government cross-border link (Use-Case 20)
Quantum metropolitan network (Use-Case 30)