QKD Days Madrid 2022


Since the limit of participants has already been reached, registration for the event in Madrid is no longer possible.

If you are still interested, you can send us your contact details and we will send you the link for the live stream.

The OPENQKD project invites you to join the QKD Days in Madrid.

This two-day event will conclude the, for QKD very engaging, year 2022 with presentations on ongoing initiatives and proposals to shape the future of the quantum communication infrastructure in Europe. Meet and discuss with leading experts on QKD, equipment suppliers and policymakers. The event will be held over a two-day period (14th and 15th of December 2022) with a different scope and target audience for each day. If you want to attend the event (single day participation is also possible), please use the registration on the right. Attendance is free!

Day 1 “On the road to large QKD network deployments in Europe” (Wednesday 14. 12. 2022) will highlight the future of QKD networks. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the ecosystem and connect to exciting peers working on similar projects. Lessons from the OPENQKD project will be shown and best practice examples of how to build large QKD Networks will be given. The technical building blocks for QKD networks and the corresponding supply chain in Europe will be addressed. This event is in-person only.

Day 2 “QKD Industry Day” (Thursday 15. 12. 2022) will showcase results from OPENQKD relevant to the industry and end-users. Participants will understand future opportunities and high-potential use cases for QKD. Talks presenting the industry perspective will be given as well as reports from demonstrated use cases in selected business sectors. This day will be finalized by a round table discussion of European QKD suppliers and manufacturers. – This event is in-person and will be streamed in addition.

The final agenda for the two days can be found here: link