As the network is evolving towards flexible and scalable architectures, it enables for a higher granularity when managing network services. This means that new technologies and services can be seamlessly integrated in the network within very few days, while networks can be sliced and their management left for the end users be changed on demand. One of the most desired and demanded capabilities is to have an enhanced layer for securing the transport segment, traditionally seen as a “black box” from the end user perspective. QKD will play an important role when securing the network, as traditional transport services (e.g. virtual private networks-VPNs, label switched paths-LSPs or tunnels) can additionally integrate QKD for securing end-to-end communications. This will allow services on top of the transport network, such as VPNs for business to business (B2B) or connectivity from base stations to core or data center premises (e.g. for 5G), to incorporate quantum-safe security for end users communications.