Securing the access to health data and services is an application where security is mandatory. In this use case we intend to demonstrate how to secure health related data and services. The use case that we are envisioning with a network of hospitals in Madrid is actually double. On one side it is about the secure transfer of patients data and also accessing health databases for research purposes (data mining). These databases can be very large in the case of personalised medicine, where also genomic data has to be transferred in many cases. However, there is another application that we envision will also have a large impact and it is related to the raise of technologies like virtual or augmented reality made possible also by technologies like 5G networks. The usage of these technologies in hospitals will imply applications ranging from simple remote medical assistance to remote surgical operations, where securing the communications line and low latency will be crucial. In this use case we will also have the 5G networks lab of Telefonica and the IMDEA Networks institute.